Success Is A Local Matter

What would the American economy look like if local businesses did not have access to targeted TV advertising? Would local businesses, from car dealers to retailers and restaurants, still be economically viable?

Data from the National Small Business Association and the US Census Bureau and tell us that 28 million entrepreneurial businesses – making up 98 percent of all employers across the US – employ 120 million Americans. Small business is the lifeblood of the US economy. So, let’s take a step back and look at the big picture: local small businesses need to connect with local consumers. And, they need to do it in the face of big national and international companies that are also looking for customers.

How can a small business break through all the noise and get their message across to their audience? Simple: nothing tells a story and connects better than a 30-second video spot on a cable network that’s already segmented and targeted to specific demographics. Local businesses need local TV advertising.

Local businesses benefit from the connection to their community … an advantage that large corporations lack. But this connection doesn’t just happen on its own. For this connection to be made, a small business needs to develop relationships and engage with the community around them. Local advertising is the key to making this all happen; it’s an important component to fostering relationships and establishing customer loyalty. Local cable TV advertising is uniquely suited for local business success – here’s why:

  1. Consumers want to shop locally, and prefer locally-relevant advertising. According to Screenwerk, consumers would rather shop at local businesses versus a national outlet because it helps support the community, and more often than not, local small businesses have the ability to personalize services for their loyal local customers.

  2. Local television reaches 9 out of 10 adults according to a State of the News Media study. The site, sound and motion of TV is the most engaging platform. Advertisements give customers just enough information to make them curious about the business, thereby driving traffic to small businesses.

  3. Local TV advertising creates an even playing field between the small businesses and the large national outlets which also advertise on TV. How can a consumer shop for a product or at a store if they don’t know the business exists?

  4. There’s no better platform than local cable TV advertising. Local businesses can reach their service areas – not just regional or a demographic market area (DMA), and can rein in potential customers on a geo-targeted basis, delivering an audience upon which the entire US economy depends.

It’s undeniable: America needs a vibrant small business sector, small businesses need local advertising to connect with their customers, and the most powerful and effective local advertising is on local cable TV. |||||


Mark Lieberman joined Viamedia, the country’s largest independent TV advertising management solutions company, as president and chief executive officer in January 2014 after an extensive career in the media and technology industry. Prior to Viamedia, Mark was the co-founder, Chairman and CEO of TRA a leading media analytics, software and research technology firm sold to TiVo. Earlier, Mark was the co-founder of DIVA, the first commercial video on demand company, and the EVP of Reed Elsevier U.S. Media division where he oversaw Variety, Broadcasting & Cable, Multichannel News and other trade publications.